Agreement on the Lean-Agile Connection

I’ve been arguing (mostly unsuccessfully) for some time that Lean Software Development and Agile are two different intellectual frameworks for understanding the same underlying concepts. The artificial distinctions that people draw are often based on connotations of the words themselves, such as “agile is about fast while lean is about cheap”.

Now, in a shameless appeal to authority, I find that Martin Fowler sees things the same way. From a recent post:

You can’t really talk about them being alternatives, if you are doing agile you are doing lean and vice-versa. Agile was always meant as a very broad concept, a core set of values and principles that was shared by processes that look superficially different. You don’t do agile or lean you do agile and lean. The only question is how explicitly you use ideas that draw directly from lean manufacturing.

Right on!

One thought on drawing ideas directly from lean manufacturing: The ideas that work in both manufacturing and software (such as empowerment, incrementalism, tight feedback loops) don’t necessarily work in software just because they work in manufacturing. That’s a naïve mindset that can lead you to all sorts of bad conclusions.  Some ideas work in both due to the nature of the people involved in both. 

It’s easy to get ideas from manufacturing as it’s a human endeavor that’s more mature and has been very well studied and documented.  An observant and mindful person could surely draw lessons from all sorts of places.  It’s possible that someday we’ll all understand software development well enough that we won’t need to borrow concepts from other disciplines. It’s clear to me that we aren’t there yet, though.

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