Not Sure the World Needs Another Named Prescriptive Methodology

This, on the very same day that some tries to create a definitive list of methodologies, Net Objectives (the one-time sister company and training provider for the company I contract through) has just announced their new flavor/version/whatever of Scrum, which they are calling Scrum# (pronounced “sharp”, like C-sharp). It is (as far as I can tell) essentially Scrum + Lean Thinking + Emergent Design + Focus on scalability. Many things that a lot of us are doing already.

To be fair, the approach they are taking is exactly the one that I would advocate, focusing on and being mindful of the principles/values of what works and what doesn’t work. I’m just not sure I can get behind the name.

2 thoughts on “Not Sure the World Needs Another Named Prescriptive Methodology

  1. The last thing we need is some confusing new agile denomination name based on a tech label. Agile seems to be shifting from a tech focused methodology to a business focused one. I doubt that having “#” at the end is going to help. I got the impression that the agile community is converging their methodologies together as they mature and it is becoming generally accepted to say I do Scrum+XP+Lean+Crystal, etc.

    Is this a case of a consulting firm spinning a marketing label to seem hip/new/cool and attract more clients? I guess that’s what consulting firms do in a harsh economy to get ahead, but I miss the days where agile was less understood and these firms could just come into a company and help them improve without worrying about the labels.

    Thanks for the head’s up!

  2. LC says:

    When I read it, I see “Scrum-pound” as in “we will pummel you if you don’t do it our way!” I thought it was unfortunate when MS did it with C# and I think it’s equally unfortunate here.

    Anyway, prescriptiveness is antithetical to the spirit of these philosophies, which distresses me. Maybe they’re trying to hide behind this to sell to people who are afraid of lack of rigid process? (They are legion, you know.)

    Also, doesn’t this leave them open to MS swooping in and snatching back the sharp sign because of some kind of implied endorsement or market confusion? Didn’t Apple chase after people who copied the “i” convention?

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