Small Victory : Rally-Slack Integration

One of the things I missed about moving our team’s communication hub from Flowdock to Slack was the nice integration with Rally (ahem, CA Agile Central). It was good to know when things like the schedule state or ownership changed.  Unfortunately, there is no such default connector for Slack. So I made one.

This is my first time using Python, and it took me a while to get it all configured properly (the pyral package only works with Python2) but after a few pip installs I was up and running. I managed to get it to only post to slack for things I care about (changing rank or color? I don’t need to spam the team with that). The output is below:


I’ve got it running via cron every 15 minutes, which is about right, we don’t need to know the exact moment someone moves a story into “In Progress”, knowing that up to 15 minutes should be just fine.

In a fun bit of irony, I really hate working with cron expressions.

3 thoughts on “Small Victory : Rally-Slack Integration

  1. Josette Riep says:

    Hi…. We are looking for this very integration. Are you willing to share?

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